The golden reception bell at the reception of the Hotel Der Kaiserhof
Cozy waiting area at the reception with beautiful green armchairs

Guest information

Hotel Kaiserhof in Ried from A-Z


  • We will gladly help you in every situation that is difficult for you. Please ask for assistance at the reception.
  • Our junior suite is wheelchair-accessible, as is the lift.

Allergy sufferers

  • Inform us about your allergy.
  • It is no problem for us to adjust the breakfast to your allergies
  • At the reception you can ask for different kinds of specialized pillows in case you need them.
  • All mattresses are equipped with an anti-mite cover.


  • We will gladly inform you about the cultural and scenic appeals of the Innviertel personally.
  • You can also find all kinds of different folders in our information stand-up in the lobby.


  • The closest bank is the Sparkasse directly at the market square, opposite of the hotel.


  • During the reception hours (see point opening hours) you can get beverages at the hotel bar in the lobby.


  • A bathrobe is in the closet and in the sauna.
  • Please call the reception if you need to (button 9 on the internal telephone).

Bathroom stool

  • If you desire a bathroom stool, we will bring one to your room.
  • Please call the reception if you need to (button 9 on the internal telephone).

Bath linen

  • Hand towels and bathing towels are available to you in the bathroom and in the relax area (Sauna, infrared sauna and fitness).
  • Hand towels and bathing towels in the guest bathrooms are changed by housekeeping when they are on the ground, but it is possible to ask for daily changes.
  • If you need a replacement towel before the usual time, please ask for it at the reception.

Bed linen

  • Your bed linen is changed twice weekly, more often if you desire, up to daily changes.


  • You can ask for an additional blanket (comforter or woolen blanket) to be brought to your room.


  • In the lobby you can find a book corner with different books for your enjoyment.
  • You can buy the books available for the special price of 10.00 Euros per book.


  • You can enjoy the buffet on weekdays from 06:30 to 10:00, on Saturday from 07:00 to11:00 and on Sunday and Holidays from 07:30 to 11:00.
  • The breakfast room is right next to the reception.
  • For the small extra charge of € 9.00 per person we will bring the breakfast until 11:00 to your room. Please order two hours before on the phone (button 9 on the internal telephone).


  • A bus stop is directly in front of the hotel Bushaltestelle befindet sich direkt vor dem Hotel.


  • On your arrival day at the reception from Monday to Thursday from 14:00 to 19:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 12:00 to 13:00.
  • If you want to use the 24-hour-check-in with code at the keybox please tell us during the reception opening hours which are from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 19:00 and on Friday to Sunday from 6:30 to 13:00.


  • We are asking you to clean your room and pay your bills on your departure day between 07:00 and 11:00.
  • In certain circumstances we can make exceptions if you tell us early enough.
  • You can also leave your credit card information with us or pay your bill the evening before to save time.
  • If you leave your key card in your room, please tell us beforehand.

Climate protection

  • We are partners of the climate alliance Upper Austria. Our goals are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the preservation of the Amazonas rain forest.
  • More information is available on the website of the climate alliance Upper Austria [[L:]] or at the reception.


  • In all suites is a Nespresso coffee machine available to you for free.
  • If you book directly, you will get free coffee and tea at the hotel bar during your whole stay.

Conference room

  • The hotel has a fully furnished conference room with conference office and care.
  • Information and registration for a viewing at the reception.


  • You can copy at our guest printer.
  • The printer is next to the reception (next to the stairs).
  • An operation manual can be found next to the printer.

Credit cards

We accept:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Maestro
  • CUP V-Pay
  • EC-Karten


  • You can find additional pillows in the closet.
  • We also have a selection of pillows with special filling. We will gladly tell you about them at the reception!

Cycling trails

  • The Innviertel has expanded cycling trails.
  • More information is available at the reception, or the information stand in the lobby.


  • At the reception you will be informed about the different doctors that are working in Ried.
  • In the event of an emergency we will organize a home visit.
  • The hospital is only around a kilometer away from the hotel.
  • Emergency phone number: 141

Drinking water

  • In your room is mineral water in a bottle.
  • On the ground floor next to the stairs is also a water dispenser.

E-charging station

  • There are three paid parking charging stations for electric vehicles available.
  • Please reserve a e-charging parking spot at the reception.


  • It is possible to have emails written to the mailing address of the hotel which we denn print out for you
  • To print out email attachments (Word, PDF, Excel) you can use the guest printer at the reception (next to the stairs).
  • For data protection reasons we ask you to stay near the printer when you send an email to it to be printed out.

Emergency exit

  • Please watch out for the green-white emergency-exit-signs throughout the whole hotel.

Emergency phone numbers (24 hours)

  • Reception: 9
  • Fire brigade: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Emergency doctor: 141


  • You can reach countless cafés, pubs and bars by walking 5 minutes or less.
  • A big cinema is around 3 km away.

Escape plan

  • The escape plan is in your room right next to the door.
  • Please watch out for the green-white emergency-exit-signs throughout the whole hotel.


  • An overview of current events in the region is at the info stand in the lobby.

Fire safety

  • Please follow the instructions you can find in the guest folder in your room!

Fitness room

  • A fitness room is in the basement.
  • The equipment is available daily during the reception opening hours.


  • Directly in front of the hotel is a paid public underground car park.
  • The entryway is on the opposite side of the market square in the building of the Sparkasse, the bank.
  • On inquiry you will get a free ticket at the reception.

Guest slippers

  • Guest slippers are in the closet in your room and in the sauna.


  • You can find one in your bathroom.


  • The heating is automatically managed depending on the outside temperature.
  • An additional manual change in temperature is possible thorugh the thermostat on the side of every radiator.


  • You are at the hospital in 5 minutes at most if you go by taxi or emergency doctor.
  • We will organize the drive to the hospital in an emergency.

Hot-water bottle

  • Hot-water bottles are available at the reception.

Hygiene articles

  • At the reception you will get every necessity you need in the case of your luggage not arriving or you forgetting some items.

Indoor pool including sauna landscape

  • The receptionist will inform you about the current opening hours of the urban leisure pool (summer/winter).

International area codes

  • Please follow the separate information given next to the phone.


  • Throughout the whole hotel and in the garden, you have access to Hi-Speed-WIFI with 50 Mbit download and 10 Mbit upload for free and without any password.

Internet terminal equipment

  • You can borrow internet terminal equipment at the reception.


  • Inform us about intolerances or indigestibilities. We will gladly tailor the breakfast to your needs.

Ironing Service/ Iron & ironing board

  • To take advantage of the ironing service bring your clothes to the reception or tell us over the phone
  • A laundry bag with price list is in the closet.
  • If you would rather iron your laundry yourself, we will gladly lend you an iron with an ironing board.


  • If there are any troubles with in-house technologies, please turn to the reception for help
  • An internal or external service technician will be taking on the matter shortly.


  • A kettle is available at the reception.


  • The entrance doors are closed outside of the opening hours of the reception (See point opening hours).
  • Your room-keycard opens not only your room but also the entrance door, the side door and the backdoor. It also makes it possible to park in the hotel-owned parking lot. Therefore, don’t forget your keycard.

Laundry service

  • If you have clothing that needs to be cleaned, washed or ironed tell us at the reception.
  • A laundry bag with price list is in the closet.
  • We will gladly lend you an iron and an ironing board should you need them.


  • The lift is directly next to the stairs
  • It forms a connection from the cellar up to the 2nd floor

Luggage service

  • Our receptionists will gladly help you.

Luggage storage

  • Before Check-in or after Check-out we will gladly take care of your luggage at the reception until you are able to pick it up.
  • If you are away for a few days, we can also lock in your utensils in the laundry depot.


  • Some medicine that you can buy without prescription is available at the reception in single doses.
  • The next chemist is 2 minutes away. Opening hours: from 08:00 to 18:00, Saturday only before noon.
  • We will gladly go to the chemist for you, if the need arises.


  • A list of the prices is in your room.
  • Please tell us what you consumed at your departure.
  • We will gladly bring you the drinks to your room during the reception opening hours. (see “opening hours”).

Multimedia- / Audio player

  • Connections for that are integrated into your TV.

Newspaper and magazines

  • We have a wide variety of daily newspapers.
  • These are available in the lobby during daytime.
  • In the corridors is a selection of magazines,
  • You are allowed to take the papers/magazines with you and can keep it, if you desire.

Opening hours

  • We are from Monday to Thursday from 06:30 to 19:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 06:30 to 19:00 here for you personally.
  • Check-Outstarts at 07:00.
  • Via telephone we are available 24 hours of the day. Button 9 on the room telephone.

Outdoor swimming pool

  • You can ask about the current opening hours of the urban outdoor swimming pool at the reception.

Parking lot

  • In front of the house there is an obligation to pay from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00 and Saturday from 08:30 to 12:00.
  • The “Ladezone” in front of the hotel is not a parking space.
  • At the hotel parking lot in the inner courtyard the parking is free if there are spaces available. The entryway is at the front of the house after the fence.
  • The hotel parking lot is secured with a gate.
  • At the marketplace in front of the house is a public underground car park.


  • Dogs are allowed everywhere except the breakfast room because of the other guests around and of course because of the hygiene regulations.
  • The additional price amounts to € 20.00 per night.

Phone charger

  • We have all kinds of different models available for you at the reception.

Plug adaptors

  • International adaptors are available at the reception after inquiry.


  • Paper, envelopes and stamps are available at the reception.,


  • There is a printer that you can use next to the reception (next to the stairs).
  • The operating instructions are right next to the printer
  • Please also follow the instructions on the information regarding emails.


  • It is possible to listen to the radio stations Ö3 and FM4 (FM4 is English-speaking) over the TV.


  • If you have criticism, please talk to us directly.
  • Please take notice that you must bear the costs if you go against our smoking guidelines.


  • Opening hours from Monday to Thursday from 06:30 to 19:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 6:30 to 13:00.
  • Check-Out 07:00 to 11:00
  • We are available on the phone for 24 hours a day: Button 9 at the room telephone.


  • The restaurant "Da Mimmo" offers "Italian excellence" in its purest form. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Please reserve a table directly in the restaurant or by telephone on +43 7752 83626.

Room service

  • We will gladly bring beverages and food up to your room during the opening hours of the reception (see point reception).

Room key

  • See the point “key”


  • The guest rooms have a furniture safe in the closet.
  • The instructions for number safes are inside, keys for key safes are available at the reception for a security deposit.
  • It is also possible to keep your valuables in the hotel safe in the back office.


  • In the basement is a relax area with sauna and infrared cabin for your enjoyment.
  • We kindly ask you to tell us at the reception 30 min before you have the sauna.
  • The leisure pool Ried also makes it possible to have a sauna: “Relax! After Business” - get information about discounts at the reception.


  • There is a scale in the fitness room in the basement.


  • The guest printer next to the reception (next to the stairs) has a scanning function.
  • The instruction manual is next to the printer.

Secretary service/ conference service

  • You can rent a separate room for your office job if you wish and if it is possible. We also do small writing tasks for you.
  • Depending on scale and expenditure there might be costs for you.
  • If you book the conference room the conference service is included.

Sewing service

  • More information is available at the reception

Sewing supplies

  • Sewing supplies are available in the closet in your room.

Shoe cleaning service

  • A shoe cleaning machine is on the ground floor near the stairs.
  • Shoe cleaning supplies are also available in your room.


  • There is a shoehorn in the hallstand in your room.


  • Most shops are open from 08:00/9:00 to 18:00 on the weekdays and closed during noon.
  • In grocery stores you can always shop from 07:30 to 19:00
  • On Saturdays most shops in the inner city are open until 16:00 Samstag
  • There is also the shopping center “Weberzeile” only five minutes away which can satisfy your urge to shop.


  • If you are walking around the inner city, we recommend a visit to the parish church and the museum “Volkskundehaus”
  • Ried and its surroundings have a lot of cultural highlights.
  • Insider tips are available under Leisure & Entertainment [[L:907]] on our website or at the reception.


  • Slippers are in the closet in your room and in the sauna


  • There is a smoking ban in the whole hotel.
  • Smoking areas are outside in the first floor (opposite of room 6) and at the back exit.

Taxi and Shuttle service

  • Please order your journey in time at the reception.
  • In front of the hotel is also a taxi stand in front of the hotel.
  • You can also pay for your taxi or shuttle in combination with the hotel bill.


  • A kettle for making tea is available at the reception on inquiry.
  • If you book directly, you will get free coffee and tea at the hotel bar during your whole stay.


  • View the separate instructions next to the phone.


  • The train station Ried im Innkreis is 1,1 kilometers away from the hotel
  • We will gladly organize a transport from the hotel to the train station

Tourist information

  • Information is available at the reception or directly at the tourist information at the Stelzhamerplatz (two minutes away by foot from the hotel).


  • Towels are available to you in the bathroom and in the relax area (sauna, infrared sauna and fitness).
  • You can get more information about the changing of the towels in the bathroom under the point bath linen.


  • Your TV has German programs, foreign stations and two radio stations (one in English).
  • The overview of all the different stations is in a guest folder.
  • An overview of the programs on the TV are either in the “Teletext” or shown when you press the button “EPG” or “Info” on the remote.


  • You can borrow an umbrella at the reception.

Vegan/ Vegetarian

  • We will gladly make you a special breakfast tailored to your wishes.

Wake-up call

  • You have the possibility to program a wake-up call yourself on your phone. The instructions to that are in your room.
  • We will gladly wake you up personally if you tell us the evening before at the reception.

Water dispenser

  • A water dispenser is in on the ground floor next to the stairs.


  • Have a sauna after an exhausting workday or a long journey at the leisure pool Ried. Information is available at the reception.
  • We also have an in-house sauna and infrared cabin (see point sauna) for your use.

Wireless Lan

  • siehe point Internet.