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Data Protection

This data privacy statement covers the collection and use of personal data

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. We therefore process your data exclusively on the basis of legal directives (GDPR, TKG 2003). In this data privacy information, we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing in relation to our website.

Collection, processing, use and storage of personal data

As a general rule, you can visit our website without disclosing your personal information to us. We only store information of a general nature, such as the type of web browser or operating system you use, the domain name of your internet service provider, the website from which you visit our site, the web pages you visit on our website and the date and duration of your visit. None of this information allows any conclusions to be drawn about you as a person and is therefore anonymised. It is used exclusively for market research and statistical purposes to enable us to offer you a more effective service on our website in the long term.

Personal data such as your name, postal address, telephone number, email address, ID card or passport data, preferred method of contact, bank account or credit card data, and individual concerns are collected when you contact us via our website, by phone or via email, for example with a non-binding enquiry or to book a room or meeting room (online). You will only be asked to provide information that is relevant to the fulfilment of your request or a contract (booking). This information has to be provided voluntarily, of your own accord, and lawfully, or you must give us your consent. Enquiries or bookings via our website are encrypted using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to ensure secure data transmission.

If you apply for a job at the hotel Der Kaiserhof, the application documents you send to us will only be used for the duration of the application process. Should the hotel be interested in keeping your application on file for a later date, you will be sent a separate request for consent.

The personal data you provide to us will be used exclusively for the purposes already communicated or agreed upon, in order to enable us to render the service you have requested to your complete satisfaction, and to provide exemplary customer service.

Your personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary to perform the above services and/or as required by binding legal provisions and/or for as long as you have given us your consent (declaration of consent for data processing). Any email correspondence with you will be deleted no later than three months after your enquiry has been dealt with or the contract has been fulfilled, unless the abovementioned reasons for further retention apply.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

We take your personal rights very seriously here at the hotel Der Kaiserhof and we assure you that your personal data will only be processed and used with your express consent for the purposes of enabling the hotel to offer comprehensive services to its guests, correspondence within the scope of our business relationship, sending out birthday greetings, in-house market research, and sending out hotel review questionnaires. Your data will furthermore not be sold, rented or otherwise made available to third parties. Personal data is transmitted to electronic data processing systems, review sites, online booking portals and internet interfaces exclusively to enable the smooth technical processing of providing you with a quote and implementing your booking, changing or cancelling a reservation, or to record your hotel review via TrustYou GmbH, Steinerstrasse 15, 81369 Munich. Personal data is transmitted to state institutions and authorities solely within the framework of binding local, regional, national or EU-wide legislation.

Integrity of your personal data

Here at the hotel Der Kaiserhof, we have taken protective measures to ensure that your personal data is always correct, complete and up to date for the intended purpose. You of course have the right at any time to have the personal data provided by you checked for accuracy and current validity, and to request any necessary changes. This means that you can help us ensure that the contact information, personal preferences and settings in your guest profile are accurate, complete and up to date. You can also request a copy of your personal data stored by us by contacting us via email or by phone.

Website contents

All contents of the website are subject to copyright and trademark law. Extracting content (including images and videos) from the website for your own purpose is therefore prohibited. This website also contains links to other websites. The hotel Der Kaiserhof accepts no liability whatsoever for the content or operation of third-party websites. If you encounter any difficulties with third-party websites, we ask that you contact the website operators directly.

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