The single business room with wooden floor, box-spring bed and desk overlooking the garden at Hotel Der Kaiserhof
The living area of the business suite with a large couch at Hotel Der Kaiserhof

Sleep better: tips for a good sleep

Healthy and good sleep is important to us in the hotel Der Kaiserhof

Real relaxation throughout the night is the requirement for being fit and efficient the next day. With the thoughtful room concept in the hotel Der Kaiserhof is it possible to have the same sleeping quality than in your own four walls.

Contribute to your own good and relaxing sleep – our sleep tips for you: :

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fatty, heavy and raw food
  • Smartphone and tablet away from the nightstand, avoid artficial light, the blue part of the lighting influences the sleeping rhythm.
  • TV and light should be turned off or even completely unplugged
  • Completely darken the room
  • Relaxing exercises and relaxing music
  • Fresh air: open the windows shortly before you sleep
  • Exercise during the day while outside. Sport in the later hours of the day can wake you up, however.
  • Ideal sleeping temperature: 18 degrees
  • No mentally exhausting activities before going to sleep
  • If possible, follow a specific sleeping rhythm
  • Don’t look at the clock during the night – that will stress

Fall easier asleep and enjoy disruption free nights: good sleep is the outcome of many factors that you can change consciously.

Sleep better in the hotel der Kaiserhof

We know how important it is to sleep better, especially when working. That’s why all rooms and suites in the hotel Der Kaiserhof Ried [[L:924]] are catered to a special focus on sleeping comfort to create a relaxing and sleep promoting environment.

For your good sleep we have among other things:

  • Barrel spring core mattresses that can be turned, in two degrees of hardness from Elastica mattress-foam-accessories GMBH
  • High quality boxspring beds in comfort height and pleasant width
  • Pillow menu for different needs, also for allergic guests
  • Sleeping masks and yoga mats that can be borrowed at the reception
  • Blinds for complete darkness
  • comfortable lights
  • all new doors have Schallex-insulation

Sleep well in the Hotel in Ried

To sleep well is one of the most important concerns in the hotel Kaiserhof – then almost nothing is more important than to start rested into the day. Enjoy with us in the hotel in Ried if possible good sleep just like you experience it at home – also with over-night stays outside of the known environment.

Choose your room type and enjoy the best possible sleep during your stay in Ried im Innkreis – we are happy about your booking or nonbinding inquiry!