Several wind turbines on a large meadow and a clear blue sky © Pascal Beckmann auf Pixabay
A plant with soil is held with both hands © Annette auf Pixabay

Sustainable travel

Improving the future together

The Hotel Kaiserhof in the heart of Ried promises every traveller a sustainable stay in Ried. The mindset of the entire team is focused on the sustainable aspects in order to offer every guest a satisfying stay.

Sustainable tourist behavior contributes to the protection of the environment and culture.

Respect nature and the environment:

  • Do not leave trails in nature reserves.
  • Dispose of waste in designated bins or take it with you.

Environmentally friendly transportation:

  • Use public transport, cycle or walk to minimize your impact on the environment.
  • When renting a car, give preference to environmentally friendly models or car-sharing offers.

Respect the local communities:

  • Respect local customs and culture.
  • Support the local economy and buy from locals.

Use resources carefully:

  • Save water and energy in the hotel.
  • If possible, use towels and bed linen several times before washing them.
  • Switch off lights, air conditioning and other electronic devices when you don't need them.

By applying these principles, you can help to make your travels more sustainable and respectful of nature and culture. Der Kaiserhof focuses on the following aspects of sustainability:

Economic sustainability:

  • Ensuring economic performance and stability.
  • Focus on long-term profitable practices that do not deplete the economy.

Social sustainability:

  • Promoting equity, social inclusion and human rights.
  • Ensuring fair work, social participation and cultural diversity.

Ecological sustainability:

  • Preservation of the environment and its resources.
  • Reduction of environmental impacts, preservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources.