The single business room with wooden floor, box-spring bed and desk overlooking the garden at Hotel Der Kaiserhof
The living area of the business suite with a large couch at Hotel Der Kaiserhof

Highest sleeping comfort in the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried

Highest sleeping comfort in the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried

Did you know that you spent about a third of your life in bed? That fact alone makes in clear that it is extremely important to make sure that your sleeping comfort is optimal. Because of that, the 4-star hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried im Innkreis has directed a special focus toward wellness while sleeping. Especially a maximum of hygiene is important.

Only the best for your sleeping comfort during your stay in Ried

You can sleep completely calm during your stay at the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried im Innkreis and wake up the next morning totally rested. That is possible with verifiably clean mattresses that are cleaned with the mattress-cleaning-procedure SLEEP TIDY. That’s why in the evening you can snuggle into the bed of your highly comfortable hotel room without any concerns.

Perfect sleeping hygiene in the hotel in Ried thanks to 4-step-cleaning process

The SLEEP TIDY mattress-cleaning-process offers in a 4-step-process an odor neutral and patented deep cleansing without any chemical additives.

  • Surface treatment with highly intensive UV-C-light: kills more than 99.95% of all bacteria and mold spores
  • High performance suction: removes dust and organic residues
  • Deep treatment with natural active oxygen: destroys without chemical additives organisms in the deeper layers of the mattress
  • Thermc deep treatment: reduces lasting the moisture in the mattress

Verifiably clean mattresses in the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried im Innkreis

Convince yourself of the cleanliness level of your mattress. Through the unique measurement method from SLEEP TIDY, the individual condition of every mattress is obtained and marked with a SLEEP-TIDY-seal-of-quality. As a guest of the hotel Der Kaiserhof you have the possibility to retrieve the cleaning certificate of your mattress per QR-code in your room. We will gladly help you with more information regarding the SLEEP TIDY-seal-of-quality!

The best sleep also for allergy sufferes in the hotel in Ried

Dust mites have no chance in the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried. Because of a high-quality anti-mite-cover you can sleep thoroughly and without annoying complaints. Furthermore, you can feel the high comfort of an innovatively cleaned, deep-cleaned mattress with SLEEP TIDY. Other sleep promoting extras like sleeping masks or yoga mats make for an even faster relaxedness during your stay in Ried.

You want to experience highest sleeping comfort? Then book your stay now in the hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried!